Tract 187 Culture Clatch 2016 Schedule
          2nd Tuesdays in the Cabaret
The West End  955 WEA NYC
MLK/Bowie Memorial Edition
Fifth Anniversary Party-Gig
International Women's Edition
Foolish Me Once Edition
Mother May I Edition
Flag on The Tract Edition
Hot Summer in the Tract Edition
 8/9:    Tribute to Billy Name
9/13:   Constitution School Edition
10/11:   Pink Balloon Edition
 11/8:    Erection Day Edition
12/13:   Holiday AtTractions

 AD LIB PUB                                                The Truth Told Sláinte


Ronnie Norpel's TRACT 187 CULTURE CLATCH, the eclectic variety show featuring poets, prosers, actors, comedians, singers, tap dancers, hula hoopers, and musicians, has been happening on the Upper West Side of New York City -- the International Capital of Dreamers (TM) -- since Feb. 2011. 

LOCATION: The International Capital of Dreamers (TM)

TRACT 187 CULTURE CLATCH currently gigs at The West End, 955 West End Avenue @ 107th.

        #1/B/C to 103rd St, yo.

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