​​​​​Just so you know what you're getting into, here's some basic info about the types of books we publish and gigs we produce:

Ficto-Memoir is a house term coined to describe our bestseller, BASEBALL KARMA AND THE CONSTITUTION BLUES by Ronnie Norpel.


TRACT 187 CULTURE CLATCH, the eclectic variety show featuring poets, prosers, actors, comedians, singers, tap dancers, has been happening on the Upper West Side of New York City -- the International Capital of Dreamers (TM) -- since Feb. 2011. TRACT 187 on the UWS is the U.S. Census tract with the highest percentage of writers by profession in the five boroughs of NYC...WRITE ON!

 AD LIB PUB                                                The Truth Told Sláinte

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A highlight of our third anniversary show was Levi Coltrane's 

​rendition of Bach's JESU JOY OF MAN'S DESIRE -- check it out!

Our Menu  Ad Lib Pub offers the finest books and gigs for your virtual and IRL consumption.